Since 1979
..We present high-end products to our Egyptian market
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Technical support
ESO is much more than a supplier of high quality materials,
the company offers customers state-of-the-art technical support
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Let light into your life... not heat!
Lexan® Solar Control sheet reduces
interior heat, and blocks Infrared rays.
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We provide technical support to develop projects with sustainable solutions for tough designs and environmental challenges.

Global source of innovative solutions

Global source of innovative solutions

From specialty products offering superior weatherability, self-cleaning properties or
anti-drip properties, to grades providing enhanced impact resistance, heat management
or graffiti resistance, the versatile range of Lexan polycarbonate sheet materials may
deliver glazing with imagination.

Lexan® sheets overview

Destructive tests

Lexan doesn’t break, burn or produce toxic gases

Impact Test

Fire test

Bulletproof sheets


We were honored to provide our services to respectful companies like..