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ESO (Engineers Specialist Office) was established in 1979 as an engineering office for contracting and as a representative for international companies; specialized in decoration works and materials.
1980 ESO had inserted important materials in the field of building construction and decoration which were not existed in the Egyptian market, such as, Lexan® Polycarbonate sheets – invented by General Electric in 1953 –, GE-Silicon filling and adhesives, as well as BRUNOX®, BISON®, TOX, WD-40®, DUPLI-COLOR®, and more..
We represent General Electric Plastics for Advanced Materials, Specialty Film & Sheet since 1980.resize
Now (and since September 2007), the ownership of the said company (GE-Plastics) had been transferred to SABIC Innovative Plastics™.SIP_WMARK_SIZEA_RGB logo

What we do

 We design, Supply & install Skylights, Domes, Swimming pool covers, Parking shades, doors & fences’ protection, etc…Installations
Engineers Specialist Office presents a wide range of Lexan® products covering multiple applications in housing, industrial and administrative architectural projects, as well as, building cladding & façade, office Partitioning, walkways, domes, Swimming pool covers, curved glazing and security glazing, moreover all skylight and false ceilings, in addition to the automotive application.
The Company studies the customers’ requests in cooperation with the mother company’s experts in the Netherlands and assists in selecting the best solution according to the needs for every project.
A strong technical support is always there for consultants and architects.


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Technical Support
For architects, contractors and installers, ESO is much more than a supplier of high quality glazing materials; the company helps to offer hands-on engineering support. ESO offers customers state-of-the-art technical support that extends from glazing material selection to profile design and installation guidelines.

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