Secuirty Glazing

Burglary, terrorism, violence and natural disaster are an all too familiar threat to
the everyday lives of people in all walks of life. The risk of harm is made much
bigger in property using unprotected glass, as the consequences of shattered
glass can be devastating.
GE’s line of transparent armor products helps provide ballistic, bomb blast,
natural disaster and forced entry protection for a wide variety of customers and
applications. Lexgard* sheet has the potential to provide formidable defense
against major threats with its exceptional heat and impact resistance along with
significant energy absorption, lightweight durability and anti-spalling qualities.
Lexan Margard sheet will resist a burglar from forcing an entry. It will delay him
to a point where he is likely to give up the attempt, or is detected. Either way, the
premises and property are protected and re-glazing costs are eliminated.
Major segments served include military bases, embassies, government buildings,
corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities, guard booths, schools, detention
centers, gas stations, banks, and critical infrastructure areas such as chemical
sites, water filtration and power plants.

Technical Support

For architects, contractors and installers, ESO is much more than a supplier of high quality glazing materials; the company helps to offer hands-on engineering support. ESO offers customers state-of-the-art technical support that extends from glazing material selection to profile design and installation guidelines.

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