Lexan® Thermopanel sheet systems are 30mm, UV protected multiwall panels with integrated side wings. Customers can select from different side wing profiles that can be easily calibrated to fit onto virtually any metal sandwich panel. Available in lengths of up to 20 meters, Lexan® Thermopanels have a four-wall construction, This panel highly suitable as roof-glazing for insulated corrugated metal industrial buildings, which provides excellent thermal insulation, high stiffness and high light transmission
Product Data Sheet
Lexan Thermopanel Sheet offers:
• Four wall structure offering excellent thermal insulation
• UV protected surface
• Long-term weather resistance
• High impact strength
• Good light transmission and light diffusion characteristics
• High impact strength
• Extremely high stiffness
• Easy and fast installation

Technical Support

For architects, contractors and installers, ESO is much more than a supplier of high quality glazing materials; the company helps to offer hands-on engineering support. ESO offers customers state-of-the-art technical support that extends from glazing material selection to profile design and installation guidelines.
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