In bus, train and bicycle shelters, Lexan polycarbonate enables architects to realize bold new designs that turn a vandal’s playground into a safe, user friendly place.
The all-too-familiar smashed glass panels and graffiti covered walls are replaced by clean, ergonomically designed shelters, which are helping in the fight against rime.
55,000 m2 of a new tailor-made Lexan Thermopanel* multiwall sheet is currently installed for the roof of the Shanghai South Railway station.
Not only does this ambitious construction project represent one of the largest building with polycarbonate sheet ever used, but more importantly underscores GE’s commitment to help revitalize the Chinese infrastructure with some of the world’s most advanced materials technologies.
Much of the roof of the Shanghai South Railway Station covers the upper departure area of the station, which is around 300 meters in diameter and capable of holding up to 10,000 people.
The custom-designed sheet is being manufactured using procedures developed specifically for this demanding project.
GE Plastics is utilizing a global team of experts from GE China and GE Plastics’ Specialty Film & Sheet business in France, Italy, India, and European headquarters in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.

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