Introducing LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet,
a transparent polycarbonate solid sheet with proprietary UV protection on both sides offering excellent weathering properties. With its excellent impact and scratch resistance it is a perfect candidate for a wide variety of building and construction applications.

To the new protective layer, the material is fulfilling a demand for areas where abrasion and scratch resistance and weathering is important. The intrinsic properties of LEXAN™ polycarbonate combined with a one side protective layer results in improved abrasion, chemical and UV resistance.

Transparent LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet has an excellent light transmission, between 87-90% and can be used for buildings in demanding climates or in solutions with south facing aspects.

LEXAN™ EXTRITE™ sheet has an expected lifetime of at least 30 years and comes with a 15 year written limited warranty.

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