Lexan™ Exell™ D sheet is a transparent polycarbonate sheet with proprietary UV protection on both sides; offering excellent weathering properties.
With its excellent impact resistance it is ideally suited to a wide variety of building and construction applications.
Lexan™ Exell™ D sheet can be easily cold formed into gentle curves which make it ideal for skylights, covered walkways, barrel vaults etc.
Lexan™ Exell™ D is thermo-formable and can be thermoformed into the desired geometry whilst retaining the UV resistant coating specially developed for weather resistant applications.

Technical Support

For architects, contractors and installers, ESO is much more than a supplier of high quality glazing materials; the company helps to offer hands-on engineering support. ESO offers customers state-of-the-art technical support that extends from glazing material selection to profile design and installation guidelines.
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